Air blow gun demonstration

About the method of connecting the air gun

How to connect NHM and tube

How to connect IAD and tube

How to connect NHM and IAD

About hollow fiber membrane

The hollow fiber membrane is hollow like a straws.
Diameter is a few hundreds microns and thickness is a few tens microns.
The hollow fiber membrane is used in a lot of fields like water purifiers, the dialysis
treatment, and waste water treatment, etc.

Structure of hollow fiber membrane

Features of hollow fiber membrane

  • Excellent filtration accuracy
  • The filtration accuracy is 0.01um.

  • A compact design is possible 
  • The hollow fiber membrane does not need a support like other filters.
    Therefore, the filter cartridge can be made compact.

  • Long filter life
  • The filter life becomes long, because
    the hollow fiber membrane can have a
    lot the membrane area per unit area.
    The membrane area of the hollow fiber
    membrane becomes large 2-3 times
    the membrane area compared with a
    usual filter.

  • Hydrophobic
  • PP(Polypropylene) is hydrophobic.
    PP can remove water drop in the fluid.

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