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TK (TOYO Machinery) Edge Sensor | TKK Corporation

Edge Sensor

A variety of TK PID sensors are available according to the kind of web or the state of web edge such as feeler-bar type, photoelectric type, ultra sonic type. Accurate and stable guiding capability can be obtained in combination with TK actuator and controller.


PFD-30 is a touch sensor to detect the web edge with filler bar. Detection signal is output continuously whether the deviated much for the neutral, to make more accurate position control of the web.


  • because it uses non-contact potentiometer, long service life.
  • filler bar is located by taking sufficiently dynamic balance, vibration is very small, then the stable detection of the dumping was heard.

Techinal Data

Power ± 15 VDC 40mA
Output ± 10 VDC
Detection width ± 15mm
Filler bar operating pressure 3.5gf following
Mass Body 1.6kg 
0.4kg switch box
Accessories MS-10 1 switch box, hair 
-pin connector with a 5 
 -conductor shielded cable 5 (5m) 
with 7-pin connector 
 -conductor shielded cable 6 (2.5m)

RPD / RFD / PTD 70B series

70B Series, the transmission photoelectric, photoelectric reflection, There are three types of dual-purpose type / lever photoelectric reflection, the light receiving element is using the image sensor, respectively. The detection signal, and outputs a voltage proportional to the amount in accordance with the deflection of the web.

Techinal Data

Light source LED (infrared light emitting diode)
Light receiving element CCD linear image sensor
Response speed 10msec
Detection range ± 8 ~ ± 15mm
Detection resolution 0.02mm/bit
Output ± 10V DC
Filler bar operating pressure Less than 0.07N (7gf) (only RFD-70B)
Power consumption 3W (± 15VDC, 0.1A)
Operating ambient temperature 0 ~ 50 ℃
Mass RPD-70B: 1.4kg 
RFD-70B: 1.4kg 
PTD-70B: 1.7kg
Accessories MS-10 1 switch box, hair 
-pin connector with a 5 
 -conductor shielded cable 5 (5m) 
with 7-pin connector 
 -conductor shielded cable 6 (2.5m)




Transparent film is mainly for. Transmittance is high, and used in the case that can not be detected by the photoelectric sensor normal. Of course, you can also use the web without going through the light.


  • detection width, and widely ± 6mm, can also be applied to the control center.
  • BLA-11 amplifier, the sensor can also be used to each non-ESD-30. For more information, please contact us.

Technical Data (ESD-30)

Light source LED (infrared light emitting diode)
Light receiving element Silicon photo diode
Response speed 0.5msec
Detection width ± 6mm
Operating Temperature Range 0 ~ 50 ℃
Mass 1kg
Accessories 5-pin connector with 
 shielded cable core 5 (5m)

Technical Data (BLA-11)

Power AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 200VA
Analog output Point 1, DC0 ~ ± 10V (10mA max)
Photo output relay Point 4, AC, DC24V (50mA max)
Analog input Point 2, 0 ~ ± 10V
External input 8-point contact or open collector
Offset input 1 point
Grade IP IP30


USS-10 will detect the edge of the web using ultrasound. Colors and patterns, stable detection without being affected by the transmittance of the transparent film is possible in particular.


  • can be detected without adjustment (transparent film, opaque film, paper, etc.) as long as they are for the ultrasonic sound insulation also has changed the type of web.
  • web thickness available is greater than or equal to 10μ.

Technical Data

One standard detection Transparent film, opaque film, 
paper other
Detection width ± 4mm
Response speed 100msec or less
Output ± 10 VDC
Power ± 15VDC (60mA)
Ambient temperature using +5 ~ 50 ℃
Mass Body 0.8kg 
0.2kg switch box
Accessories MSA-30 1 switch box, hair
-pin connector with 5 
 -conductor shielded cable 5 (5m)