Curved Expander

The bow shaped roller has a different length at inside and outside which spreads out the wrinkles of web.
Is fitted with a rubber-like tube on the circumference of the shaft bearings are placed in the arcuate.

A Type Emissions standard type is directly proportional to the width of the substrate width
B Type Width out strong part close to the ear
C Type To increase the amount of disorder of the grain width is less
V Type It is possible to freely change the radius of curvature

Technical Data

Mm outer diameter Mm surface length Mm shaft diameter
φ65 · φ75 · φ85 200 to 1,800 φ20 · φ25
φ100 400 to 2,000 φ35
φ115 400 to 1,800 φ35
φ125 800 to 2,500 φ40 · φ50
φ150 1,000 to 2,800 φ60 · φ75